Pioneering a new era in chemistry

We are leveraging our deep interdisciplinary expertise in chemistry, polymer science, and complex materials, to repurpose unconventional resources in new ways that reduce plastic pollution

Natural from beginning to end

We have successfully developed a series of innovative materials and products that serve as effective alternatives to traditional plastics. These materials are designed from abundant and natural sources to be fully biodegradable, decomposing completely without leaving harmful residues in the environment.

Zero-plastic packaging

Many of the “paper” products that exist on the market today actually incorporate petroleum products to function. We differentiate ourselves by creating completely plastic-free products that still match the durability and functionality of single-use plastics. This initiative is crucial because, once ingested, microplastics reside in our bodies for an entire lifetime.

Cleaning products

Our daily cleaning products, such as laundry sheets, are designed to offer the same efficacy as conventional items without the environmental toll. Unlike conventional products, these products dissolve naturally after their useful life, leaving zero harmful residues and zero microplastics. This is a vital step towards reducing environmental impact and protecting human health.

Absorbent products

For a range of applications—from diapers, hygiene, and medical products—our absorbency technology provides the reliability of traditional materials with a crucial difference: they are made to biodegrade quickly and safely, we address the challenge posed by the enormous accumulation of disposable hygeine products that typically linger in landfills for centuries.

Scalable solutions

We are committed to collaborating with industries needing high-performance, economical, and sustainable materials.

Our solutions are scalable for large-scale production and can be customized to meet specific requirements. Please contact us to learn more.

Our mission is not one we can achieve alone.

We design our limited-lifespan green materials to fulfill consumer needs.

We identify what a material needs to do and what properties it requires, like how strong, how water-resistant, how lightweight, and how durable. Then we design our limited-lifespan green materials to fulfill these consumer needs as well as or better than synthetic plastics, and then to simply and safely biodegrade.

We are pioneers in the development of eco-friendly, high-performance materials that promote a safer and sustainable future for all.

Today, we discard over 400 million tons of plastic waste each year. Yet, most plastic never fully disappears. It breaks down into microplastic particles that pollute our water, contaminate living creatures, and accumulate in human tissues.

 Things we are re-imagining.

At Soane Materials, we are bringing earth-happy products home. And we are engineering our guilt-free materials to perform like the forever ones they replace. Then, they beautifully biodegrade when the job is done. Here are some examples of products we're creating

Single-use Products

From packaging to plates, we match performance features . Our earth-happy biodegradable alternatives are tuned to deliver all the convenience that consumers expect, without any of the waste that causes environmental harm.

Why this matters:  
Virtually every piece of plastic that was ever made still exists in some shape or form. Our world is clogged with forever plastics.

Cleaning Products

Zero mess, zero fuss, and zero waste. Our cleaning products replace conventional materials and do the same jobs without leaving waste behind. Our laundry sheets replace bulky plastic detergent jugs. Our sponges and scrubbers are strong and flexible when dry but are programmed to dissolve after their lifespan --without microplastic residue left behind.

Why this matters:
It is estimated that there are 24.4 trillion pieces, or 578,000 tons of plastic waste materials and microplastics in the ocean today. The world produces 381 million tons of plastic waste yearly – with plastic waste set to nearly triple by 2040.

Absorbent Products

For babies and adults, for people and pets, our absorbent hygiene products match the convenience and dependability of conventional products --yet are engineered to disappear when they’ve done their jobs. It's not only amazing, it's absolutely vital.

Why this matters:
Over 92% of all disposable diapers end up in landfills and can take up to 500 years to decompose.

We are hiring at Soane Materials.

Soane Materials is currently recruiting highly motivated technical talent to join our team, in Miami Florida, USA. We offer creative and challenging work, with competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits.

Why this matters:
Without radical new approaches, the world's plastic pollution is becoming unmanageable. This is your opportunity to contribute and make a difference.